Water Leaks

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Water Leaks

There are few plumbing problems worse than a water leak. Perhaps only a hidden water leak! That’s why at Raptor Plumbing & Drain, we’re here to serve the needs of our Coachella Valley homeowners and small business owner customers for all your water leak needs, major and minor! We are experts at identifying the source of a water leak and repairing it quickly to avoid further damage and costly repairs. We specialize in leak detection, faucet leaks, showerhead leaks, slab leaks, pipe leaks, toilet leaks, and others! If at-home water leak fixes aren’t working, we can also help you repair or replace your broken piping. Here are some common causes of water leaks in the Coachella Valley: 

  • Broken Seals
    A common cause of water leaks are the seals around your water connections, which can wear out over time. You can find these seals in dishwashers, showers, and other home appliances. 
  • Temperature Swings
    Drastic temperature swings cause your plumbing pipes to expand and contrast. As a result, the constant stress on your pipes over time can result in a loosened pipe or break at the joint.
  • High Water Pressure
    High water pressure can put undue stress on your pipes and can also lead to water leaks. If you notice a sudden change in water pressure, either positive or negative, call us for a diagnosis and repair!

If you have a water leak in your home or business, it is important to act quickly by calling a professional water leak plumber in the Coachella Valley. We specialize in diagnosing water leaks via leak detection equipment as well as repairing any water leak you may have! Contact us today for all your plumbing needs!

Meet Our Team

Our family-owned business is operated by husband and wife, Kirk and Vicki. Both Kirk and Vicki have years of experience serving customers in Southern California. In fact, Vicki spent much of her career managing a plumbing business before deciding to start Raptor Plumbing & Drain with Kirk. Both Vicki and Kirk pride themselves in offering exceptional customer service and making sure the job gets done right the first time!

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