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Camera Inspections

Plumbing camera inspection technology allows for a simple and effective way to properly diagnose plumbing problems. A camera inspection is performed with a piece of equipment known as a plumbing video camera. The camera is attached to a drain snake-type device and fed into the plumbing pipe. The plumber, watching the live video feed from the camera, is easily able to identify drain clogs deep within the plumbing system and locate where there might be a pipe break. This saves you time and money by properly diagnosing your plumbing issue upfront without having to test and repeat. Here are some of the common reasons our customers get plumbing video camera inspections:

Lost Items:

 When you drop something like an engagement ring down the shower drain, it is enough to make you scream! Do not fret! A plumbing camera inspection will do the trick! With our video technology, we can locate your ring and help you retrieve it quickly!

Falling objects in pipes and drains are a common occurrence for homeowners. Fortunately for you, we have the technology to help find that lost item and get it out of there fast! Our plumbing cameras are equipped with high-definition cameras, which give us the ability to view even the most difficult areas of your plumbing system. We can see inside pipes as small as 4 inches in diameter and as large as 12 feet in length.

Our technicians are highly trained in plumbing camera inspections. They will use their expertise along with our equipment to find your lost item and remove it from your pipes safely and efficiently. We know how much this means to you, so we’ll work hard until we find what you’re looking for.

Home Inspections:

When prospective homeowners are getting ready to make a major purchase, it is important to ensure that the plumbing systems in your new home are working properly. A great way to inspect a home’s plumbing pipes is with a video camera inspection!

Home inspectors use these inspections to view the condition of a house’s water and sewer lines. They also help identify potential issues with these lines so you can make an informed decision about whether or not you want to purchase the property.

The benefits of using a video camera inspection include:

Identification of existing problems with water and sewer lines

Identification of potential problems associated with water and sewer lines

Identification of leaks within pipes

Identification of blockages within pipes

A visual representation of the condition of the home’s plumbing system

Deep Drain Clogs:

Do you have a drain clog that cannot be removed with a plumber’s snake or by hand? Sometimes debris builds up in your drains and causes a clog deep within the plumbing system. In these cases, a plumbing camera is perfect to identify the location of the clog so it can be removed quickly!

A plumbing camera inspection is also helpful for identifying problems with your home’s pipes and drains that may not be visible from outside of your walls. For example, if you notice water stains inside of your walls or ceiling, it could indicate that there is a leak somewhere in the system. A plumbing camera can easily spot these leaks so they can be repaired quickly before they cause further damage.

When you need a plumbing camera inspection, we’re here for you! We know how frustrating it can be when your plumbing breaks down—especially when it happens at an inconvenient time. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to provide our customers with fast, accurate, and affordable plumbing video camera inspections. Our non-invasive and waterproof equipment allows us to diagnose problems quickly and efficiently, so you can get back to doing whatever it is that you do best! We have many years of experience deploying plumbing cameras to properly diagnose issues and get them resolved for our customers. Interested in another plumbing service? Check out our other services!

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Our family-owned business is operated by husband and wife, Kirk and Vicki. Both Kirk and Vicki have years of experience serving customers in Southern California. In fact, Vicki spent much of her career managing a plumbing business before deciding to start Raptor Plumbing & Drain with Kirk. Both Vicki and Kirk pride themselves in offering exceptional customer service and making sure the job gets done right the first time!

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